Job Position: CEO for Kakaitiya Sandbox

Experience: 5-10 years of senior leadership experience in any organization

Location: Nizamabad

Education: Graduation or Post graduation

Reports to: CEO of Deshpande Foundation, India

About Kakatiya Sandbox:
Kakatiya Sandbox (KS) is inspired by Deshpande Foundation’s Hubli Sandbox. It’s set-up under the patronage of Mr. Raju Reddy (Founder, Sierra Atlantic) and Mr. Phanindra Sama (Founder, in 2013 to work on socio-economic development of Nizamabad, Karimnagar and Medak districts in the state of Telangana.

KS is a living laboratory for a diverse range of entrepreneurs and development practitioners to come together and work on pressing social challenges of the local population. We believe that development in the 21st century for India’s emerging economy will be ushered in through collaboration, of a bottom-up grassroots entrepreneurial movement and a top-down structured approach to problem-solving. Over the last 6 years, the remarkable partnerships in Sandbox have evolved into exemplary successes impacting about 5,00,000 people in rural Telangana. The sandbox currently supports 20+ initiatives in livelihoods, education and entrepreneurship.

The Opportunity:

2020 is the year for sandbox to build a rural hub that actively promotes innovation and entrepreneurship and further scale its efforts. Kakatiya Sandbox is seeking a passionate leader, a CEO to head the organization in its journey to accomplish the Sandbox's mission.

The CEO will be based in Nizamabad, Telangana and will report to the CEO of Deshpande Foundation. Compensation will be on par with comparable positions.

Below are the key responsibilities of the CEO

  1. Program and Partner Management:
    Work closely on current projects to implement strategic plans, based on data driven analytics to become sustainable either through predictable funding or through scaling them to profits
  2. People Management:
    Build a high performing team and play an active role in attracting, retaining and developing best-in-class staff Promote a collaborative work culture that supports in unlocking potential of every person within the organization

Liaison and Networking:

  1. Liaison with various government departments and other NGOs to identify synergies
  2. Liaison with Deshpande Foundation to explore new opportunities for KakatiyaSandbox
  3.  Build large patronage for Kakatiya Sandbox by reaching out to successful citizensf rom the region
  4. Reach-out to Private companies, Govt organizations, and individual donors to secure predictable funding
  5. Responsible for managing the expense and raising funds for the operations.

Brand Building and Storytelling:
Continue to develop and strengthen the sandbox’s unique and compelling voice to build brand awareness, relevance, reputation and esteem among target audience

Community Relations:

  1. Engage with local community for effective implementation of the Sandbox’s mission
  2. Oversee media related activities to expand the outreach of the organization.

Skills and Qualifications:

  1. 5-10 years of senior leadership experience in any organization
  2. Strong capacity in systems thinking, structured problem solving and business planning
  3. Communication skills to create high quality documents, analysis, briefs and presentations
  4. Ability to work with diverse teams on multiple projects