Cluster Head – SiV

Job Position: SiV-Cluster Head

Required Experience: 1-2 Years’ experience in Educational Interventions.

Qualification: Graduation in any discipline.

Joining: Immediate

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Overall planning and execution of SiV Academic Year in the cluster.
  • Preparing cluster level budget and taking approval from the manager.
  • Village survey to collect relevant data regarding center and village - only applicable if starting center in new villages.
  • Setting up SiV center by ensuring adequate facilities.
  • Once center identified, collecting confirmation letters from the Panchayat.
  • Promoting SiV program in the villages to get more enrollments.
  • Ensuring community contributions from the Students ( Fees collection ).
  • Monitoring and updating the students attendance and teachers daily reports.
  • Ensuring periodical stakeholders’ meetings in each center.
  • Monthly reports as per requirement.
  • Ensuring regular updates in the SiV app by the teachers.
  • Organizing periodic meetings at the cluster level to discuss the lowlights and highlights of the program, etc.
  • Tracking and counseling the students who are absentees and drop-outs.
  • Addressing challenges and resolving them whenever required.
  • Representing the SiV program before delegates or other stakeholders.
  • Documenting the feedbacks from the stakeholders of SiV.
  • Ensuring execution of Career Mitra and Junior Lead program in the centers.
  • Executing any other responsibilities as assigned by the Program Manager.

Academic Responsibilities

  • Work closely with Cluster Trainer to ensure academic functions of the cluster.
  • Attending monthly, and any other training by Academic Team.
  • Ensuring monthly training of content to Cluster Teachers.
  • Tracking content delivery in centers of the cluster.
  • Ensuring period, annual or any other assessments.
  • Regular class visits.
  • Identifying teachers who need additional support (academically) and work with CTs provide them that support.
  • Monitor progress and provide regular feedback to help manage CRP’s.
  • Maintain daily activity diary, weekly and monthly reporting to Academic Supervisors.
  • Encouraging teachers to adopt SiV teaching methods that support the development of 21st-century skills among students.
  • Continuing professional development and sharing of best practices with CRPs.
  • Any other task as assigned by the Academic Team.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 1-2 Years’ experience in Educational Interventions.
  • Residing/ready to move to the allocated division.
  • Languages - Kannada and English- Fluency in writing & speaking.
  • Flexible to travel.
  • Tech Savvy; ability to leverage the latest technology.
  • Excellent organizational and leadership skills.
  • Ability to delegate tasks effectively & setting clear goals and expectations.
  • Ability to demonstrate empathy.
  • Skills set - Event handling, People/team management, Relationship development, Understanding of academic elements of an educational program.
  • Ability to work in matrix structure and develop the team at the division.