Farmer Producer Organizations

Helps farmers to get proper marketing linkages in order to sell their produce.


Farmer Producer Organizations connect producers to investment partners, technology partners, and potential markets. Our FPOs guide farmers to maximize their crop production and income.

Our Apex FPO, Kalmeshwara Farmer Producers Company Ltd. (KFPCL) is working with 20 FPOs with over 20,000 members. The program covers compliances, governance, capacity-building and business development to help farmers reduce input costs and get access to better markets. It has shown tangible outcomes in terms of water management, crop management, sustainable farming, soil analysis, improved crop yield, increased income, and profitable farmer-market networking.


The FPO model has helped its member FPOs progress towards becoming lead FPOs in their Districts.
We will continue to nurture their journey and also look forward to adding more FPOs to the program.
Cumulative business participation


1. How is this program interlinked and helps each other sub programs BCI, FP and FPOs?

To fulfil our mission and to reach our ultimate vision we made sure that every programme that has been designed is bracing each other.
These programmes have led to storage of rainwater, access to training on scientific cultivation and a model that guides farmers to maximise their crop production & income. Now, with proper programme designs we are able to see tangible outcomes.

These programmes have together have led towards better water management, crop management, sustainable farming, increased income, and profitable farmer-market networking.

2. Why the program?
3. Who are the beneficiaries?
4. Our strength?
5. How to join?