Farm Pond

The initiative aims at doubling farmer's income through best water harvesting
technology by building farm ponds.

Our Vision

Reducing Water Poverty, converting dry land to irrigation land, increasing the farmer’s economical status and to build 1,00,000 ponds.

Our Mission

Doubling Farmers Income through best water harvesting technology.


Farm-Pond initiative aims at constructing ponds of different sizes depending on farmers needs. The rain water gets stored in these ponds, which in turn can be used in long term to water the crops. This combats the farmers issue of being over dependent on the rainfall and has drastically helped rain fed farmers in consistent agricultural productivity. Farmers who have constructed Farm Ponds in their respective villages have obtained 30-50% of higher yield. Until 2020, more than 6000 Farm Ponds have been constructed impacting thousands of lives.

Water, the most crucial resource for sustainable agricultural production in the dry land/rain fed areas, is not being used fully. Much of the rainfall runs off the ground. The runoff does not only causes loss of water but it also washes away precious topsoil. Farm Pond is a dugout structure with definite shape and size having proper inlet and outlet structures for collecting the surface runoff flowing from the farm area. It is one of the most important rain water harvesting structures constructed at the lowest portion of the farm area. The stored water must be used for irrigation only.

Farm Pond Program started in the year 2014 in Alagawadi village, Navalgund Taluk, Dharwad District, Karnataka. Till as on date 6000+ ponds have been constructed across Karnataka ( Dharwad, Haveri, Gadag, Belgavi, Vijayapura, Bagalkote, Bellary ) and Telangana ( Siddipet, Nalgonda, Adilabad ) States.
The program has impacted 20000+ farmers family and irrigated around 25K acres land across two States.


1. What will be the size of a Farm Pond?
Approximate cost required to construct one Farm Pond is INR 80,000. Along with your contribution of INR 25,000, the farmer who wants to build a 
Farm Pond in his farm will contribute an amount of INR 55,000. Hence, You are joining hands with the farmer to create a difference.          
2. What is the criteria by which a farmer will be chosen for the Farm Pond initiative?
3. How many Farm Ponds have been constructed till date?
4. Why Should I donate?
5. How will my contribution of INR 25,000 be utilized to construct a Farm Pond?
6. What is the future plan?
7. What is the lifespan of a Farm Pond?
8. How are the Farm Ponds monitored?
9. How much extra area will be irrigated if a Farm Pond is constructed?
10. What can donors expect in return?